If this whole Corona situation has showed us anything, it would be that most companies now has to wake up and realize a hard but simple truth: Their sales strategies is about as dynamic as a rock.

(also, check out the video below)

On the 20th of August 2018 I published a short video on YouTube. The title was ”Do you suffer from Sales blindness?” – a disease that , in my opinion, has infected the business community in general for far to long.

Since I started my company, my goal has been to empower business owners and entrepreneurs with superior understanding of their sales processes. Throughout my journey I have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world as well as thousands of startups/small businesses.

Early on it was obvious that one of the common languages that we have in this world, is our reluctance towards doing the job that basically counts – the sales.

Sweden is a country where a great credit availability and basic support from government has allowed business owners to have a low priority level towards sales for decades. Backed up by a culture that truly loves the breakfast and lunch meetings – it has been hard to be the one that always said: ”yes that is great but that wont pay your bills, you need a better plan”

Today we see the new hype. Not by choice but by the fact that 2,6 billion people is now in some form of quarantine by this virus. Everyone needs to rethink on how to adapt their sales strategies for this new landscape that is upon us. Questions like

  • How do we structure the sales process now?
  • How do we create the same feeling like we do when meeting the clients IRL?
  • What equipment do we use?

The list goes on.

My question is: Where is all those super plans right now? You know the ones that didn’t include a clear sales strategy to begin with?

We need to understand what happen here in order to avoid this situation again. Not saying a sales strategy would be the only solution, but you and I know that with a clear understanding of your markets buying behaviors and how to operate on both structural and emotional level – will always keep you and your company in the front line.

2018 I started the first LIVE and ONLINE sales education program that is designed for entrepreneurs and Startups. And for 16 months it was an experiment where we had to really go deep into these communities in order to be able to form what today is a 6 months program that really transforms our participants way of approaching their markets and understanding their markets buying behaviors.

I believe that we can fight this virus. And I do believe that it is time for all business owners, investors , incubators and startups to realize that as well.

If you are now one of those who must look into video communication my advice is this:

  1. Use equipment that is good enough. It is your performance that matters anyway.
  2. Focus on having a strategy. Think ”PDA” or Prior – During – After. The video meeting demands a clear strategy from start.
  3. Focus on how first. You will have to practice. It wont be easy at first.